mexican restaurant thredbo

Mexican restaurant in heart of Thredbo village.

The warmth and flavours of Mexico have arrived in Thredbo. The Mad Mexican is the new vibrant and colourful Mexican restaurant in the House of Ullr.

Come and enjoy Thredbo’s newest and most exhilarating fiesta, where the food will revive your soul and the drinks will make you sway.

– Open –
6pm – 9pm daily

The Max Mexican Menu

– Snacks and Mains – 

Shoestring fried with chipotle aioli – $10

Chargrilled corn on the cob, chipotle mayo, lime and pecorino cheese – $12
(whole piece cut in half)

Ullr spicy winglets (400g) with avocado cream – $16

Tuna tostadas with roasted nuts, avocado and crispy leek (4 pieces) – $16

Totopos and chef’s selection of house-made dips (see wait staff for details) – $18

Grilled spicy chorizo with lime and chilli chimichurri – $22

Vegetarian tacos with grilled halloumi, roasted capsicum, baked mushroom, green salsa and tomato relish (3 serves) – $22

Chicken and cheese quesadilla with avocado and tomato salsa (4 pieces) – $24

Baja style fish taco with slaw, tomato salsa and pecorino cheese (3 serves) – $24

Beef and vegetable nachos to share – $25

– Dessert – 

Vanilla ice cream (3 scoops) – $8

House-made churros with cinnamon sugar and hot chocolate fudge sauce (8 pieces) – $16

Reservations:  We only take reservations on tables over 10. Call 6457-6210 or